BeagleBone Enclosure by Built-to-Spec

A few days ago I discovered very nice acrylic enclosure for my BeagleBone board at Built-to-Spec. Craig placed his project to Thingiverse, so that everyone can make his own. I have sent these design files to one of local laser etching services ( from Opava, Czech Republic if someone is interested).


The case looks really good! Since I have the new A6 revision of BeagleBone board, I had to make hole for its SD card slot a little big larger using my knife. Craig from Built to Spec has already created modified version which solves this issue.

Both sites Built-to-Spec and Thingiverse are worth seeing since they offer more interesting projects. I am happy that so many people publish their constructions on the web. They all help to make our world better place :-)

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