I am an embedded hardware and firmware engineer based in the Czech Republic. With 8+ years of experience, I offer embedded systems and electronics development services from prototyping to production.


  • Prototyping and validation of ideas using development kits and 3D printing,
  • Design of embedded systems from architectural design and component selection to schematic design and PCB layout,
  • Firmware development for microcontrollers (either bare-metal or RTOS-based) and Linux-based targets.

I am fully equipped for small batch assembly of circuit board prototypes and can also facilitate the manufacturing of the final product by contract manufacturers.


{ KiCad, Arm Cortex-M, STM32 MCUs, Nordic MCUs, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), C, libopencm3, Zephyr RTOS, Embeded Linux, Buildroot, … }

My technology stack includes reliable tools I use daily across different projects. Having a set of trusted technologies or “building blocks” allows me to come up with efficient solutions in a short time without the need to learn and troubleshoot the technology first. I use mostly free and open source tools which prevent vendor lock-ins and enable the customer to view and modify the design files anytime in the future without the need for expensive licenses.

No two projects are the same and some require adopting different MCU families or software tools. I am of course open to using new technologies if it benefits the objectives of a particular project.


E-mail: adam@adamh.cz
Phone: +420 728 311 864

Prague, Czech Republic (EU)

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