Acrylic Case for the Intel Edison Breakout Board

Last year I’ve bought the Intel Edison Breakout Board for some experiments. I was affraid to carry it around in my bag so I have decided to design a simple laser-cut acrylic case.

Edison Case - Photo

The case is made of five parts cut from 3 mm thick acrylic. Blue are inner spacers (one of them does have a hole for both micro USB connectors), black is the top plate (with holes for jumpers and reset button) and red is the bottom plate:

Edison Case - Drawing

You can choose from two options for the bottom plate - with or without a cutout exposing breakout board’s GPIO pins.

Recommended material:

  • 3 mm thick acrylic
  • 4× 6 mm M3 nylon screws (top)
  • 4× 8 mm M3 nylon screws (bottom)
  • 4× 6 mm M3 nylon standoffs (between top plate and PCB)
  • 4× M3 nylon washers (between bottom plate and PCB)
  • (optional) 2× M1.6 standoffs with shorter screw (see below)
  • (optional) 2× M1.6 nuts to replace the original ones

The original M1.6 standoff’s screw is too long so it does not fit the case. As you can see on photos, I’ve just cut the original screws and left the module without any nuts.

It’s generally a good idea to buy more nylon screws - mine crack easily. The case does also look god with metal inbus (hex) screws.

You can download the drawing here (Inkscape SVG and PDF). It is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0.

Many thanks to Michal Neoral for beautiful photos!

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