Parametric stand for synthesizers in OpenSCAD

It’s been a while since the last post! Let’s flush the buffers…

When looking for a suitable stand for my beloved Vector synthesizer on Thingiverse and other repositories, none of them suited my needs. Most importantly I was not impressed by the traditional construction of stands made of two pieces connected by threaded rods – the stand had to be able to fit the limited space of my drawer when not being used.

Therefore I designed yet another parametric stand which consists of two identical parts. Because the parts are wide enough, they can stand upright on they own and do not require any supporting hardware in between. The stand also has rubber feet both on the bottom of the stand and on the hypotenuse to increase friction.

Although the stand is designed to be printed on a 3D printer (for this particular print I used the awesome transparent red PETG by Plasty Mladeč with 3 perimeters for increased strength and equalized number of top and bottom layers for consistent transparency), it is also possible to generate a 2D cross-section which can be used for manufacturing by other means.

The GPL-licensed OpenSCAD source code and detailed instructions can be found on GitHub. The model is parametric so it is possible to change the dimensions, angle or the geometry of the rubber feet used.

Drawing with main parameters

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