Decimal Comma in Matlab Plots

A lot of languages (not only the European ones) use decimal comma instead decimal point to separate the whole and the fractional part of a number in decimal form. Matlab (like other programs) uses decimal point for this purpose. This is okay when using it for computations but it is better to use decimal comma in graphs embedded in documents written in some European language.

This approach also works in GNU Octave which is available for free. ;-)

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BeagleBone Enclosure by Built-to-Spec

A few days ago I discovered very nice acrylic enclosure for my BeagleBone board at Built-to-Spec. Craig placed his project to Thingiverse, so that everyone can make his own. I have sent these design files to one of local laser etching services ( from Opava, Czech Republic if someone is interested).


The case looks really good! Since I have the new A6 revision of BeagleBone board, I had to make hole for its SD card slot a little big larger using my knife. Craig from Built to Spec has already created modified version which solves this issue.

Both sites Built-to-Spec and Thingiverse are worth seeing since they offer more interesting projects. I am happy that so many people publish their constructions on the web. They all help to make our world better place :-)

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